Hey peeps!  

Based in
Ames, ia

—About The Babe

Capturing your chaos is what I'm all about. Im here for it!
I don't want perfect. That's what a picture perfect portrait is to me.  
We will jam some tunes, lay down in the grass, dance, laugh, snuggle
(your babes, not me haha!),
 run wild in the long grass and create some memories that last a lifetime.
 Becoming a mama has taught me so much in life and wanting to forever hang onto those little moments is what keeps my heart beating. 
 Lets chat and shoot! 

welcome to my world

I'm Tonya!

Whatever you do, have fun with this section Make it your Own. Or, heck! Switch it up completely and introduce your team. Either is acceptable. 

sunset chaser +
bold color lover and a photography obsession!

my world which consists of being a boy mom (4 exactly), a wife to my super handsome hubby

iced coffee addict